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What Our Speakers Learned at Risky Business London 2019

Published: Wed 12 Jun 2019
Read what our acclaimed and popular speakers thought of their experience at our London conference.

‘This was the first time that I had attended this event, and I was blown away by so many aspects.’

Impressive Location

‘A fantastic and very impressive location; a warm personal welcome that immediately put me at ease; a professional briefing and technical support, and excellent catering both during and after the event. ‘


Thought Provoking

‘Most of all, the thought provoking content of the wide variety of speakers that I witnessed, and I’m sure also everyone else who attended, provided invaluable knowledge and some very tangible ideas to achieve “best practice”. A thoroughly well run and rewarding conference.’

Steve Allright
Aviatours Fly without Fear


Win-at-all-Costs Cultures

‘I was fortunate to be able to talk through my experience of a win-at-all culture at the Risky Business conference last week. It was an excellently organised and insightful event. It was great to be able to hear so many different accounts from many walks of life and I learnt a huge amount.’


Tom Williams
TMW Development