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Welcome to our 17th International Risky Business Conference

Published: Mon 20 May 2019
We are very excited about Risky Business London 2019 and proud to be presenting one of our most inspiring programmes ever.

A huge thanks to our speakers for giving up their time and sharing their exceptional stories and experiences.

British Cave Diver, John Volanthan

During the summer of 2018 the world watched in horror and then disbelief at the unfolding story of a junior football team trapped in Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. Our opening session headlines British cave diver, John Volanthan, who played a leading role in that incredible rescue. We thank him for joining us to share his story of which he and his team overcame incredible odds to complete the rescue.

Crisis Management

The focus of Risky Business 2019 is crisis management, with frontline staff sharing their stories of dealing with unprecedented situations and how they supported themselves and their teams afterwards. We are also featuring sessions on wellbeing, diversity, inclusion, innovation and leadership.

It is accepted that a major element of risk management is to introduce a robust system to counteract the possibility of failure. A crucial component of this conference will be trying to understand the critical role that the human will always play within any system. We are very grateful to Dr Bawa-Garba and Tom Williams for sharing their very personal stories in this complex and sensitive area.

Successful Leaders

We are also very fortunate to welcome some of the most successful leaders in their areas of expertise including Inga Beale, Amy Pope, Nick Fry, Nicole Stott, Margaret Heffernan, Christine Blanchard and Tim Briggs. They will all share very different stories from the worlds of business, sport, politics and exploration.

Inspiring Stories

We sincerely hope the stories will inspire you to think differently and that you will have a fun two days. Our plan this year is to try and capture the crucial lessons from our brilliant speakers Your feedback will be crucial in helping us to facilitate such learning and hopefully sharing the information with others who have attended.

Do also please look out for our new Risky Business Masterclasses that we plan to run from September 2019 with the first one called "Communication Tactics to reduce conflict at Work"

Thank You

We owe a huge thanks to Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Medical Protection Society, The British Medical Journal, Medsu,mEtiometry and the Kings Place team for their invaluable support and partnerships.

Charlie Stayt & Katie Derham

A very special mention also to Charlie Stayt and Katie Derham for their professionalism and skill as hosts for the event. We cannot overstate the difference this makes to the overall quality and professionalism of the event.

Last, but not least, thank you so much to all of you for joining us at Risky Business 2019. We genuinely hope this will be the most inspiring conference you have ever attended.

Thank You

Allan, Guy, Gill, Johns, Peter, Brett and the Risky Business Team