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Technical talks

The pace of technical innovations that make healthcare more efficient and safer is rapidly increasing. We have been fortunate to hear about some of the cutting edge innovations in areas such as artificial Intelligence, safety system science and big data analysis. In this section you will find some truly inspiring talks on these and other subjects.

Professor Mark Wilson
Using technology to train and maximise bystander response in emergencies
Dr Michael Stein
Emerging Disruptive Therapies for Cancer
Sarah Newcombe
Using technology to improve responsiveness to deteriorating patients
Peter Kim
New product innovation in healthcare
Peter Laussen & Peter Waters
NASCARS, Simulation and Animation
Sanjay Malaviya
Leveraging technology to gather feedback directly from children
Jeff Mainland
Data Analytics: Healthcare's New Stethoscope?
Craig Wilson
Engineering for success in F1 to baby pods
Cameron Hepburn
Achieving zero carbon emissions - can it be done?
Hugh Montgomery
Physiology of extreme survival on Everest and ICU
Peter Kim
Intelligent and autonomous surgical robots
Peter Waters
Virtual reality, animation Disney Style
Dr Jack Kreindler
Health Innovators must refocus on the individual patient
Dominic King
AI-enabled healthcare
Professor Giovanna Tinetti
The Scope of the Universe & risks out there
Peter Laussen
Personalising Big Data, signals noise & Risk
Roger Taylor / Nick Black
DEBATE: All we need is HSMR data to see failing hospitals
Wng Cdr Andy Jeffery
Operating remotely UAVs and Robotic Surgery
Brent James
Transforming an entire healthcare system using improvement science
Jim Lock
Can smart clinical pathways save the health budget?
Surgical Safety Checklist
Sid Watkins
Transforming safety in formula 1 racing
David Spiegelhalter
The two sides of swine flu risk
Steve Kreiser
Situation awareness on an aircraft carrier
Chris Allen
Regulation in the Oil Industry
Guy Hirst
Regulation in the Airline Industry
Terence Stephenson
Safety systems in oil and gas
David Spiegelhalter
Cool ways to present risk data
Martin Fletcher
Big data analysis on reported incidents