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Teams, Leaders and Communication talks

In all high risk industries every reported incident appears to have inappropriate or ineffective communication as one of the causal factors. Many of our speakers have talked on the subject of communication and also of the importance of effective leadership and teamwork. This series of talks is aimed at learning from developments in these fields from our amazing array of contributors.

Professor Silvia Schievano and Mr Owase Jeelan
"Ultimate team work: translational research innovation using virtual reality and 3D printing to facilitate multiple surgical teams in 23 hour operation to separate conjoined twins "
Professor Alex Sia
What can be achieved by a whole hospital system change in cognitive behavior and safety culture
Mary Anne Hilliard and David Wessel
How a re-invigorated safety programme can save dollars
Steve Richards
State of the Nation and its Leaders!
Lord Adonis
Brexit – what now?
Dr Anu Mitra
Looking after the team after major incidents, Grenfell Fire
Dame Inga Beale
Leadership and Trust
Nicole Stott
Teamwork in remote settings of the International Space Station and Aquarius Undersea Research Base
Yvonne Coghill
Diversity in our workforces – how do we practically make this happen
Neil Spenceley
Playing nicely in the sandbox, or no
Terence Montague
The Second Victim
Patricia Paskins
Adapting royal butler household services to healthcare
Phil Wilson
The hospital control centre: manage the hospital, streamline flow and capacity, safely staff your wards and cut costs
Jeffrey Simmons
Managing flow and safety across siloes in hospitals
Harris Baden
Burnout and effect on safety
Adrian Plunkett
Positive reporting improves morale and outcome in sepsis
Brian Kavanagh
Protocolized Care - what is evidencebased care
Elizabeth Stokoe
Controling a conversation with a single word
Rory Sutherland
Getting people to change brands & wash their hands?
Beverly Milton-Edwards
Talking to the most wanted
Suzy Jordache
Physician burnout
Kate Concorran/Jane Kirton
The JL Partnership Model, couldwe use it in the NHS?
Paul Bonhomme
Mental Rehearsal and Visualisation
Catherine Bishop
Building effective teams under extreme stress
Sir David Dalton
Hospital CEO Perspective
Steve Richards
Trump and Brexit, what next..
Chula, Fiona & Ranse
Mediation and Conflict Resolution-Live Demo
Kevin Fong
Relating lessons from other high risk industries not that simple
Leadership Panel
Leaders from F1, BA, Met and NHS - Doing more for less & better
Andy Offer
How Red Arrows hire the right stuff
Peter Waters
NASCAR Racing and focusing on the simple things
Ed Hickey & Guy Hirst
Reviewing the flight path of every cardiac patient
Steve Muething
Changing patient safety culture across USA
Dr Neil Bacon
Power of patient feedback on the web
Mark de Rond
Misconceptions of what makes for great teams
Gretchen Haskins
Regulation and safety performance
Erik Hollnagel
Learning from what goes right-resilience engineering
Steve Richards
The Risks of the Scottish referendum
John Barnes
How ‘I’ fits into TEAM, and the super "I"
Glenn Mead
The Chimp Paradox- balancing our emotive and human responses
Mike Barratt
Teamwork on the International Space Station
Bob Wachter
Comparing medical culture in the UK vs. US
Devi Shetty
Improvement through Economy of Scale
Matt Brittin
Improvement GOOGLE Style
Arthur Gillis
Moments of Truth in the hotel industry
Steve Richards
Can leaders run a country with dysfunctional relationships at the top?
Kathryn Schulz
Being Wrong, adventures in the margin of error.
Alastair Scotland
The individual and the system in patient safety
Lilliane Field
What to do from legal perspective when you make mistake in healthcare
Judith Orasanu
What I say I'll do - and what I actually do!
Kenneth W Kizer
Transforming safety in The VA Hospitals in The US
Peter Laussen
Training to be an outlier: the 10,000 hour barrier
James Reinertsen
What's possible in healthcare safety
Rhona Flin
Behaviour and safety
James Badenoch
The need for litigation!
Brendan Venter
The locker room talk before big match
Jane Carthey
The Hospital at Night Programme
Tom Kelly
Terminal 5 opening disaster & Northern Ireland Peace Process
Stephen Muething
Situational awareness for a whole hospital
Larry Roy
Saturday night is only good for fighting
Risky Business / BMJ Teamwork
Teamwork & Leadership - BMJ summary video
Lord Howe
Patient Safety systems within NHS
John Tiner
Regulation in the Financial Industry
Graham Poll
Being a premier league & international football referee
Nana Twum-Danso
Quality improvement in Ghana
Mark OBrien
Preventing litigation
Gerald Hickson
Listening to families
Roberto Canessa
"Alive"- Andes plane crash -Leadership under stress
Mike Brearley
Narcissism, leadership a teamwork
Martin Bromiley
Never "Just a routine operation"
Hilary Davan Wetton
Is your conductor really necessary?
James Reason
Ingredients of heroic recovery
David Owen
Hubris & power can influence judgement
Stella Xin
Hospital Code Drills
Gareth Davies
From Helicopters ambulances to Fast Cars
Sherron Watkins
ENRON whistleblower - lessons learnt
Charles Vincent
Does mental practice improve performance?
Gerald Hickson
Dealing with special colleagues
David DeMaso
Isolation, shame, and anger after a trial
Simon Stevens
De-briefing 'Red Arrows Style'
Arthur Gillis
Customer satisfaction
Pat Croskerry
Decision Making and human Error
Gerald Hickson
Avoiding litigation
Sheila McLean
Alternatives to adversarial litigation