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Mark O’Brien

Medical Director and co-founder of the Cognitive Institute. International Medical Education Consultant to MPS

Dealing with ‘Special Colleagues’ at an organisational level.

Dr Mark O’Brien is an International Medical Education Consultant to the Medical Protection Society (MPS) and co-Founder and Medical Director of the Cognitive Institute, a subsidiary of MPS that specialised in training and education. Dr O’Brien also serves as a Board member of Mater Misericordiae Ltd., a large not for profit Healthcare and hospital group in Australia. Dr O’Brien was a Rural Family Physician with a strong involvement in Medical Education. Courses developed by him in clinical communication and professionalism have been undertaken by an estimated 200,000 clinicians in ten countries. He is a well-known and regarded consultant and expert trainer within the Asia-Pacific region in the areas of individual clinician remediation, clinical leadership and quality and safety. His work includes working with Hospital Boards and Executives to build strong cultures of safety and quality.

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