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Paul Mattin

Former Royal Marine

South Pole the hard way - 71 days and 1500 miles of adventure

Paul was a career Royal Marines Officer. He spent 24 years in Britain’s elite fighting-force, reaching the rank of Major and specialising in Reconnaissance and Mountain Warfare. Paul served in numerous operational arenas, including Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Afghanistan; and was cited for his leadership in both Belize and Bosnia. Since departing the military 10 years ago Paul has worked briefly in the film industry, making films in the Himalayas and in Afghanistan. He now spends his time developing teams and leaders within sport, business and industry, and he leads expeditions annually to Morocco, Tanzania, Norway and Nepal. As a Mountain Leader Officer, Paul was fortunate enough to climb and ski extensively around the globe. He was the senior member of the Royal Marines South Pole expedition – a military first.

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