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Steve Muething

Vice President of Safety

Changing patient safety culture across USA

Stephen Muething is Vice President for Safety at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, a lead faculty in the Anderson Centre for Healthcare Transformation and an Associate Professor of Paediatrics. He leads the strategic goal of eliminating all serious harm for patients and employees. His improvement work and research focuses on high reliability culture, situation awareness and managing by prediction. Dr Muething is also the Clinical Director of the Children’s Hospital Solutions for Patient Safety.

"Dr. Muething described the revolution that has taken place as hospitals have agreed to work together to reduce harm. He described that before SPS, it was estimated that 500 children per month were seriously harmed. Since the inception of SPS, there has been a rapid expansion to now more than 80 hospitals contributing data and taking part in the program; this accounts for more than 50% of the paediatric admissions to hospitals in the USA. Dr. Muething highlights important components for this success. 1. CEOs at the institutions who are part of SPS have agreed that they would no longer compete on safety, and would provide resources to reduce the incidence of serious harm. 2. The definition of harm was agreed upon and 9 (nine) hospital acquired conditions are tracked. Data is shared monthly to enable collaboration and resolve. 3. SPS has acted with a sense of urgency, and this has now extended beyond borders with similar initiatives taking place in the UK (Mist) and Canada. The mantra is “all teach and all learn; no one stands on the sideline; be gracious and share; be humble and ask for advice”. "