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Sheila McLean

Alternatives to adversarial litigation

Professor Sheila McLean is the first holder of the International Bar Association Chair of Law & Ethics in Medicine at Glasgow University and is co-Director of the Centre for Applied Ethics & Legal Philosophy. She is a Vice-Chairman of UNESCO's International Bioethics Committee, and has acted as a consultant/adviser to the WHO, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and individual states. She has published extensively in the area of medical law, and is regularly consulted by the media. In 2005 she was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award at the Scottish Legal Awards. Her book, Assisted Dying: Reflections on the Need for Law Reform was awarded the Minty Prize of the Royal Society of Authors and the Royal Society of Medicine in 2008.

Most patients want an apology, an explanation and justice, not necessarily money Adversarial litigation is currently the only way to achieve the former in the UK. Introducing a 'no fault' system would have benefits for the UK healthcare system.