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Shawn Pruchnicki

Captain & Human Performance Specialist

The Lexington air disaster

Captain Shawn Pruchnicki (Ret.) was a regional airline CRJ captain and is now a human performance specialist. As director of human factors for the Air Line Pilots Association he worked with the aviation industry on the investigation of five major air carrier accidents and hundreds of incidents. His interests include the role that safety culture, human performance and human error play in understanding accident causation. He has published numerous articles, lectured extensively and taught aviation safety/HF at The Ohio State University. Shawn is currently employed by the San Jose State University Research Foundation as a human factors researcher. He is also working towards a PhD, studying human factors and system safety with Dr. Sidney Dekker.

What may seem an extremely basic error can be often be due to error cascading of smaller incidents leading to a major failure. Do not make snap judgements with Ôhindsight biasÕ following adverse events until you have reviewed all the facts.

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