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Roberto Canessa

Paediatric Cardiologist

"Alive"- Andes plane crash -Leadership under stress

Roberto was Born in Uruguay in 1953. He is an eminent and renowned Paediatric Cardiologist working in the field of non-invasive evaluation of Heart Transplantion and is also involved in Fetal Cardiology at the Italian Hospital of Montevideo. In 1994 he founded the political fraction "Partido Azul" and was candidate for president in that election period. Roberto is famous for being one of the 16 young men of a total of 45 who survived for 72 days in the Andes in extreme conditions, when the plane he and his rugby team mates were in crashed into a mountain in the middle of the snow-capped Andes Cordillera. He is one of the two men who stunned the world when they appeared alive in the Chilean Andes to tell there were still 14 friends trapped in the mountains, two months after being thought dead.

In extreme situations, the normal rules of teamwork and leadership change, so that leaders often emerge who are not the nominated leaders. Stubbornness and a refusal to give up kept them alive