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Risky Business Events Are Always Topical

Published: Mon 11 Mar 2019
Looking through today’s Times newspaper it is amazing how many of the topics addressed in a single issue will feature at our next Risky Business conference on June 5-7.

Theresa May is the subject of Philip Collins' comment article  - Steve Richards will be talking the same subject at Risky Business 2019

Andrew Adonis is the author of today’s Thunderer column and he will be discussing Brexit at Risky Business 2019

The tragic air disaster in Ethiopia will naturally worry everyone but it will also make the prospect of flying just too challenging for some. If this is how you feel come to Risky Business 2019 and hear from Captain Steve Allright who is a British Airways Captain who runs the ‘Flying with confidence’ courses

Also many of the issues in today’s paper have already been discussed at previous Risky Business events and the talks can be viewed on our video page.


The tragic case climber Tom Ballard brings to mind the brilliant talks by Kenneth Kamler and Simon Yates who discussed various aspects of mountaineering and the challenges therein.

Being Wrong

We also had an amazing talk by Kathryn Schulz who discussed her book ‘Being Wrong’. In her talk she references her discussions with Ed Viesturs the high altitude mountaineer who has climbed all 14 of the worlds highest mountains without supplemental oxygen. She recounts, in her talk, his near death experience on K2.

Inspirational Stories – Hashi Mohamed

In our featured video section we have a brilliant talk from Hashi Mohamed who told us his story of arriving in the UK as a nine year old refugee from Kenya who incredibly became a barrister by age 35. In Times2 today Hashi meets William Macpherson who 20 years ago led the enquiry into the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation.

You can book now to attend our next Risky Business event in London on June 5-7.

Author: Guy Hirst