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Reflections on Risky Business 2019

Published: Thu 27 Feb 2020
'...lessons that I was able to take from the incredible collection of speakers at last year’s conference have proven invaluable...'

An Interested Observer

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Risky Business 2019, at the time an interested observer in the world of governance, leadership and human factors but not certain how what I learned would come to impact my training or career.

A lot changes in a year, and I am now approaching the end of an intercalated BSc in Prehospital Medicine at The Institute of Prehospital Care at London’s Air Ambulance, where the lessons that I was able to take from the incredible collection of speakers at last year’s conference have proven invaluable in enhancing my understanding the expansive non-technical side of this specialty.


High Performance Teams

This year, I have been lucky to spend a great deal of time observing and interacting with the high-performing teams of London’s Air Ambulance and the Royal London Hospital Emergency Department.


Efficacy of Patient Care

In these systems, designed from the bottom up to optimise efficacy of patient care, I have been constantly reminded of the concepts addressed by Drs Richard Smith, Mike Christian, Claire Park, Anu Mitra and Ms Naomi Davis in their respective talks based on the response to major and mass casualty incidents.


Crew Resource Management

Specifically, the importance of crew resource management, focus on doing the basics to perfection and the vitality of productive, constructive debrief within a wide-reaching governance process to maximise learning and systematic improvement in the aftermath not only of challenging incidents but even the most common of taskings.


Bandwidth Tested

As I have attended more and more complex incidents and been involved in providing patient care, I have been in situations where my bandwidth has been tested to its limits and beyond, and been fortunate to have the understanding and awareness to be able to reflect on this and the way it has affected me and my learning.


Risky Business Cultivates Understanding

Being part of a system where debriefing and reflection are so deeply engrained within the culture, with a flat hierarchy encouraging involvement from all members of the team including students and observers, coupled with the understanding that Risky Business has cultivated, has allowed me to view these difficult incidents as more than just challenging and cutting-edge medicine but part of a far larger process of learning and development.


Auther: Oliver Sims - BSc (Prehospital Medicine) Student, Institute of Prehospital Care, London’s Air Ambulance