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Peter Laussen

Chief of Cardiovascular Intensive Care

Personalising Big Data, signals noise & Risk

Professor Peter Laussen is Chief of The Cardiovascular Intensive Care at The Children's Hospital of Boston and Professor in Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School. Peter's research interests include depth of anaesthesia during cardiac surgery; neurological outcome following cardiopulmonary bypass; mechanical support of the circulation and stress response following cardiac surgery. He has also lead his field in patient safety.

"the importance of capturing and storing big data in the intensive care unit, and subsequently transforming this data through improved visualization and analysis to achieve wisdom through decision support. A means by which this is currently achieved in the Critical Care Unit at SickKids in Toronto was shown, including a newly developed trajectory index to track the progress of the patient. In many respects, the meaningful use of big data in the critical care unit is analogous to the instruments that are needed to ensure an accurate flight path for each patient as described by Hickey and Hirst. Dr. Laussen also emphasized the change in culture that is necessary to enable implementation of a new technology at the bedside. Too often technology and equipment are seen as “solutions” rather than as adjuncts to clinical decision making. Observation of existing workflow and patterns of activity that may be barriers to implementing new technology appropriately can be undertaken by human factor experts who become fully integrated into the team. "