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Perceptions of Risk and Safety, A Nursing Perspective

Published: Fri 08 Mar 2019
Nursing professionals & risk. Gill Rogers writes about how much Risky Business Events talks have inspired her as a nursing practitioner.

Earlier in the week, as I flew home from Edinburgh to Luton I was reminded about the variation in perceptions of risk and safety. My fellow passenger in 2E couldn’t bear to look out of the window as we swooped into Luton.  My background in nursing came to the fore (I am a nervous passenger too).

Before I knew it I was offering support, advice, listening and being kind.

Nursing Professionals and Risk

My mind drifted to the forthcoming Risky Business conference on June 6th and 7th. I am looking forward to the exposure to many amazing talks that are coming up which offer such different views of risk and safety. I think that no matter where you are nursing there are speakers who will influence thinking and action back in the ward, the theatre, ICU or out of hospital setting.

Thinking and Practice Expanded

As a nurse working with primary care professionals its probably unusual that have been attending Risky Business events for 10 years in London. I have always left with a feeling of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge with my thinking and practice expanded, enhanced and lifted onto a new level of enquiry. No other conference that I have attended brings together such a range of high level speakers. It also brings an amazing group of delegates together – the common goal of improvement and excellence binds delegates together and offers great opportunities to talk, share ideas and connect.

The Power of Personal Stories

Hearing personal stories from speakers always connects us as humans and has a powerful effect on us as practitioners. We learn how lives can be saved or destroyed on a sixpence with decision making, intuition, analysis and insight into this is so helpful. We learn about “special colleagues” and how to deal with them.

We learn that the world is not perfect but through sharing stories and research in a multi-professional way we can make health care a better place.

 We made it back to Luton safely!

Author: Gill Rogers

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