Dr. Victor Herbert, The Former Dean of Instruction at The New York City Fire Department, describes the chaos that unfolded on 9/11 and what lessons were learnt

by Victor Herbert

Victor Herbert

Dr. Victor Herbert previously served in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) as the Departmental Dean of Instruction. He has experience in higher education, civil service and the K-12 public school system and has been an associate faculty member at Chapman University, Arizona State University, Norwalk Community College and St. Joseph's College in New York. Prior to joining FDNY, Dr. Herbert was a school superintendent in New York, Phoenix, Arizona; and Norwalk, Connecticut. He has also held the department chair, assistant principal and principal's position in various schools. He is the author of Moving Forward When Others Move Back: Managing Critical Incidents (Pearson Publishers, 2005).
The more one practices the luckier one gets. To do so we need to prepare, practice, repair, rescue, and sustain using all formal and informal opportunities including regular ÒdebriefsÓ around coffee tables.