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Mystery and Magic at Risky Business London

Published: Wed 20 Mar 2019
As a former hostage and crisis negotiator I simply love removing the mystery and revealing the magic surrounding communication skills and tactics that can help everyone connect, understand and influence with ease. 

It is a truly fascinating world and when I was asked to deliver a talk at The 2018 Risky Business Conference I was immediately inspired to say yes.

Fair to say that the mystery and magic that’s normally connected to my world was reflected back at me and I loved it. There was immediate mystery as I had not actually heard of Risky Business before but it was not an issue as their team took time to explain what the conference involved and why it was so important.

Kings Place Magic

Gill was my primary contact and we had excellent pre event email exchanges and discussions, which step by step revealed the magic that awaited at Kings Place. While I wasn't nervous, I felt great responsibility for getting it right for each and every attendee, particularly when I learned that the presenter line up was jam packed with talent.  The idea of presenting alongside those inspiring people was exciting and daunting in equal measure. 

The Harry Potters of the Event

While I am entirely comfortable presenting and coaching, an area that causes me some angst is technology.  Often different elements just don't communicate and despite my skills when it comes to human exchanges, computers and I tend to have more of a love/hate relationship.  Gill was well aware of this and when I arrived at Kings Place she already had the technology guys primed and ready to walk me through their side of the business.  I shall call them the Harry Potters of the event as they creatively juggled technology potions to make life easy for each and every presenter.

New Skills and Knowledge

A conference completely focused on reducing risk in a high risk area of medicine had me intrigued and it turned out to be an entirely captivating two days of unexpected learning - there was a true desire from everyone to learn and exchange ideas from other high risk worlds and I found myself captivated.  Where else can you be asked to present and actually walk away with new skills and knowledge!  Truly magical.

I learned pretty quickly that Risky Business is much more than a conference, there’s a family feel about it and even now, a year on, I feel a sense of connection.  This conference holds something special and that is down to the team and the fact they care about every part of the conference as well as what it stands for.

As a presenter I felt very ‘looked after’ from the minute I met Gill at the registration desk, to stepping on stage and being introduced by Katie Derham to saying good bye at the end. Every step was professionally managed, meticulously detailed yet the warmth and care shone through.

Continuing Success

Thank you to each and every person who made presenting at Risky Business something truly magical and I wish you continuing success as you change the world into a better place.

Author: Cathy MacDonald