Sharing ideas on Risk, Human Performance, Teams and Leaders

Risky Business Events for Nurses
Exceptional talks - sharing experiences & ideas between those who operate in risky nursing environments including emergency services.

Risky Business is an amazing opportunity for nurses to hear from speakers who cover so much that relates to improving patient care.

As a nurse you often feel you are the most important person in the team caring for patients and their families. At Risky Business we hear speakers telling personal stories, sharing their research work and discussing situations that enhance the nursing experience and voice.
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Risky Business conferences bring whole teams together and give a bird’s eye view of situations in which many of us may not find ourselves but from which we can learn.

Delegates leave wanting more and with plenty of ideas and initiatives to take back to the ward, theatre, ICU, community or hospital.

You’ll hear from Charlie Stayt and Katie Derham, journalists & presenters, professors, CEOs talking about motivation and inspiration, the immorality of NOT sharing and as one delegate explains ‘…you take away something you weren’t expecting.’

50 speakers
Sponsored by the BMJ and Medical Protection
Award winning venue in London
Mingle and exchange ideas with your peers
"I think that no matter where you are nursing there are speakers who will influence thinking and action back in the ward, the theatre, ICU or out of hospital setting."
Gill Rogers, RN, BA Nursing Studies

We have a moral obligation to share

"We cannot compete on safety. We have a moral obligation to share anything we have learned which will help another…more safely"
Steve Meuthing, Chief Quality Officer Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
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