Sharing ideas on Risk, Human Performance, Teams and Leaders

Risky Business Events for Doctors
Exceptional talks - sharing experiences & ideas between those who operate in risky environments including doctors.

Risky Business brings together a mix of extraordinary individuals sharing their stories and experience often in extraordinary circumstances.

Diverse non-technical talks for doctors

-      Leadership and teamwork
-      Crisis management
-      Serious incident investigation
-      Reconciliation, team support, well-being
-      Technology  

Relevant Lessons for Doctors and Teams
We don’t prescribe solutions around how to do things but rather welcome you to listen to how others have managed incredible challenges and managed to make amazing changes in their work place.  We leave it to you to take relevant lessons back to your unique work environment to improve safety and patient outcomes.

A Decade of Imaginative Risk Conferences
For over a decade Risky Business events have become accepted as one of the most imaginative conferences focusing on risk management, patient safety and safety awareness. Our aim is to help our professional colleagues operate in a safer environment.

We believe that Doctors and professionals will want to hear how others have managed challenging situations and innovated new ideas rather than having prescriptive learning in this complex arena of humans, technologies, teams and systems.