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Mary Anne Hilliard and David Wessel

Executive Vice President and Chief legal officer, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

How a re-invigorated safety programme can save dollars

Mary Anne Hilliard currently serves as Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. Committed to the concept that the best way to manage risk is to prevent it, she has led local and national grant funded initiatives to share risk data and advance “high reliability principles” in order to reduce serious adverse events and associated malpractice harm. 

David Wessel, M.D., is Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Hospital and Specialty Services, and the Ikaria Distinguished Professor of Critical Care Medicine at Children's National Health System. He is also professor of anesthesiology, critical car medicine and pediatrics at the George Washington University. Dr. Wessel is internationally known for his pioneering work in caring for infants with heart disease.