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Martin Bromiley

Airline Pilot, Founding Member

Never "Just a routine operation"

Martin Bromiley is "Dad" to a young family. Professionally he is an airline pilot with a background specialising in human factors. Prior to flying he had a successful career as a Training Consultant working in a range of industries. He focussed on decision making, communication and leadership skills development. In 2005 his late wife and 'Mummy' to Victoria and Adam, died during a routine hospital procedure. As a result of his experiences he has been one of the founder members of the Clinical Human Factors Group, a non profit making charitable trust which aims to advise and promote best practice around human factors.

Human factors are a vital component of patient safety with lessons being well known in other industries to learn from. This includes the spectrum of decision making, leadership, communication, situational awareness, being able to speak up and being receptive to comment from one's colleagues. It's also about routinely planning for things that can go wrong.