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Mark de Rond

Reader in Strategy and Organisation

First Unsupported Row Of The Amazon River

Mark de Rond is a Reader in strategy and organization at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. His book ‘Strategic Alliances as Social Facts: Business, Biotechnology & Intellectual History” received the 2005 George R Terry Book Award from the Academy of Management. Mark was the youngest ever author to have received this prestigious award. Subsequent books have topped ‘Best Reads’ lists at the Financial Times and BBC Sport. His portfolio of work was awarded the 2009 Imagination Lab Award. Mark studies teams of high performers the old-fashioned way: by living with them full-time. This method took Mark to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan in 2011, where he embedded with a team of surgeons in order to understand how they collaborate together.

Outstanding talk of the challenge of being the first team to row unaided the length of the Amazon River. Team dynamics were challenged by 3rd person on boat and relief when dysfunctional person leaves. Being so close together for so long n such a challenge can have lasting effects on personal relationshipsy.