Sharing ideas on Risk, Human Performance, Teams and Leaders

Risky Business Events for non-medical professionals
Exceptional talks - sharing experiences & ideas between those who operate in risky environments including all those who manage risk on a daily basis.

Our events are aimed at lawyers, engineers, bankers, accountants, pilots and any other professionals including risk managers who are involved in managing risk and promoting safety.

Diverse non-technical talks for doctors

-      Leadership and teamwork
-      Crisis management
-      Serious incident investigation
-      Reconciliation, team support, well-being
-      Technology  

Relevant Lessons for non-medial professionals
We don’t prescribe solutions around how to do things but rather welcome you to listen to how others have managed incredible challenges and managed to make amazing changes in their work place. We leave it to you to take relevant lessons back to your unique work environment to improve safety, outcomes and wellbeing.

Imaginative Risk Conferences
For over a decade Risky Business events have become accepted as one of the most imaginative conferences focusing on risk management and safety awareness. Our aim is to help our professional colleagues operate in a safer and happier environment.

We believe that all professionals will want to hear how others have managed challenging situations and innovated new ideas rather than having prescriptive learning in this complex arena of humans, technologies, teams and systems.
watch our introduction to risky business
Award Winning Venue
Kings Place is an outstanding venue for Risky Business EventsThis year we’re staging a number of interactive and entertainment sessions including a brass band, The Beats Bop Boys, a live resuscitation simulation and an Irish Dance Troop.

Mingle and Share with your Peers
The Risky Business Events audience comes from professionals in all fields of healthcare and other industries. This also enriches the conversation and your connections at the breaks.

Come and join us and experience a Risky Business Conference.

You’ll hear from Charlie Stayt and Katie Derham, journalists & presenters, professors, CEOs talking about motivation and inspiration, the immorality of NOT sharing and as one delegate explains ‘…you take away something you weren’t expecting.’
"We cannot compete on safety. We have a moral obligation to share anything we have learned which will help another…more safely"
Steve Meuthing, Chief Quality Officer Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
This is our philosophy around Risky Business.
London Conference 2019

Pre-conference Healthcare Paediatric day.
Global leaders in paediatric healthcare from many of the leading children’s hospitals around the world will share their latest patient safety and improvement initiatives.  Whilst this is aimed at paediatric professionals many of their ideas are relevant to all hospital professionals eg use of video recording in the clinical setting, human factors, when to break SOPS, relationship between professionals and management, managing deadlock between professionals and their patients and their families.

Main Risky Business Event
Held over two days where we will focus on crisis management, well-being, leadership / teamwork, diversity / inclusion, human factors / systems and innovation. Professionals from all walks of life will share their stories.

Breakfast Master Class
Lastly we have a new and exciting breakfast master classon creating cultural change in safety and behaviour across a whole organization.  Centres of excellence from Washington DC and Australasia will share their stories on how they achieved this with a focus on Q &A .

The event is sponsored and partnered by Medical Protection, The BMJ, Medsu, Etiometry and Archives of Diseases in Childhood.
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