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4 - 5
London 2020 Conference
Our 2020 conference will explore include Trust and Authentic Leadership, Understanding Why the Same Things Keep Going Wrong, Climate Change, Wellbeing and Developing Our Youth.
Kings Place, London
London Conference, 4 - 5 JUNE 2020
Risky Business conference June 2020 - Urgent update

On Friday evening the Risky Business organisation team held an emergency meeting regarding the future of our 2020 Risky Business event which was scheduled for June 3,4,5 2020 at Kings Place . We have made the reluctant decision to postpone our 2020 event until June 2021 because of the possible pandemic.

With a majority of the delegates being healthcare workers it would be irresponsible to continue with organising the event as it is likely that most healthcare staff will be required to be on the front line of the potential crisis. We are so grateful to those of you who booked tickets for the 2020 event that I wanted to let you know of the change of plans as soon as we made the decision.

We will be contacting those people with 2020 bookings in the next few days with details of refunds or altering your bookings to June 2021

Thank you