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Lives Changed Forever

Published: Mon 25 Mar 2019
I am sure we were all horrified at the carnage that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand last week. In many ways it brings home to everyone the fragility of life and how, because of a moment of madness by a crazed and misguided individual, families' lives can be changed forever.

Risky Business Conferences

In previous Risky Business conferences we have been fortunate to have heard some excellent talks covering different aspects of the ‘fall out’ of tragic events. These videos can be viewed at

After Tragedy Strikes

Pedro Algorta who survived the plane crash that featured in ‘Alive’ told us how he went to Chile to support the families of the Chilean Miners who were trapped underground. Lord Blair, formerly Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, reminded us about the tragic events in the aftermath of the London 7/7 bombings and gave sound advice to those entrusted to keep cities safe after tragedy strikes.

Restorative Justice

A moving talk by Brooke Kinsella discusses the need for restorative justice, which has been found to have long term benefits for families of victims while Helen Rycraft spoke of lessons from the Nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

Emergency Responders

At our conference in June we are also going to hear from speakers who were intimately involved in some of the recent tragedies that struck our country. The Commissioner of The London Fire Brigade and her assistant will tell us about their role at Grenfell, while Ms Naomi Davis, consultant orthopaedic surgeon and Dr Richard Smith a Consultant Trauma Anaesthetist will describe the night of the Manchester bombings.

Dr Mike Christian a HEMS doctor will tell us his experience as a first responder at The London Bridge terrorist attack and also Dr Claire Parks who is a Lt Colonel in the military and a HEMS doctor will talk about lessons that can be learnt from combat trauma response and perhaps applied in civilian healthcare settings.


Naturally there is a huge potential for healthcare professionals dealing with such traumatic situations to suffer after the event. Dr Robin Warshafsky and Professor Clare Gerada will be talking about different aspects of wellbeing.

Author: Guy Hirst

Co-founder Risky Business