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Judith Orasanu

Principal Investigator

What I say I'll do - and what I actually do!

Dr Judith Orasanu PhD is a Principal Investigator and head of the Distributed Team Performance Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA. She studies the relations between team communication, decision making, risk management and performance in aviation and space operations. Results from this work have been adopted in the medical, nuclear power, military, offshore oil, and other high-consequence industries. Dr. OrasanuÕs current research is concerned with developing techniques to support astronaut crew cohesion, safety and mission success for NASA exploration missions. Orasanu holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Adelphi University.

Communication needs to be clear and direct with back up support to explain your reasoning. Seek compliance through shared responsibility. Roles and responsibilities need to be firmly established.