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Inspiring Stories talks

In 2006 when we first discussed the concept of the Risky Business conferences we made a commitment to produce events unlike no other in healthcare. Our idea was to attract speakers who had amazing stories to tell. We hoped the lessons from such stories would inspire others to learn from the speakers. The delegates could then take ideas back to their places of work in order to make their working environment a happier as well as a safer one. This collection of videos is perhaps unique in its breadth and extraordinary content.

Billy Monger
Inspiration, Attitude and Resilience
Chris Connell
Challenging Complexity
Captain Steve Allright
Taking the fear out of flying
Dr Robin Warshafsky
Personal tragedy intersects with patient safety - what happens to the horse when the cart is put before it
Tom Williams
The story of Bloodgate - from a player’s perspective
Alf Dunbar
Attitude you are the difference
Hassan Khan
Playing for England blind cricket team, attitude is everything
Geoff McDonald
Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Burnout
Vicky Balch
Alton tower smiler victim - No point blaming people
Eva Carneiro
Being a premier league football doctor - potential conflicts of interest
Matthew Syed
Black Box thinking
Danny Kerry
Winning Olympic gold in hockey, culture precedes performance
Will Carnegie
Freak accident during Sydney Hobart race
Jamie Andrew
Trapped on top of Les Droites mountain for 48 hours
Anthony Bennett
Surviving ECMO
Dr. Rob Galloway
Frontline Doctors Perspective
John Vincent
Changing the ‘school dinners culture’
Ben McBean
Surviving an IED Blast - Putting life into perspective
Mark de Rond
First Unsupported Row Of The Amazon River
Gabby Logan Meets Lizzy Yarnold
Winning Olympic Gold in the skeleton
Brooke Kinsella
Restorative justice
Bromiley, Bowen & Dinwoodie
How to tell a patient you have made a terrible mistake
Michael Buist
Being a patient in your own ICU
Julie Bailey
whistleblower- Mid Staffordshire Hospital Failure
David Prior & James Titcombe
How CQC works- Lessons from death of Joshua
Ian Rowland
Illusion and cold reading,
Dalton Grant
Tough times need creative minds
Nicola Horlick
Having it all
John Madden
Makinge an Oscar winning movie
Tariq Jahan
Tragic loss of life during UK Summer riots - reconcilliation in extreme
Ross Brawn
Winning the F1 World Championship
Dennis Quaid
Why my twins were given a massive heparin overdose
Miles Hilton Barber
The only limits are yourself!
Albie Sachs
Car bomb victim - Truth and reconciliation at the limits
Bren Neale
The story of Dr John Hubley
R Dowbiggin /M de Rond
The Cambridge Boat Race Victory - to hell & back
Pedro Algorta
"Alive" Andes Crash victims supporting Chilean miners
Clare Bowen
Tragic story of Bethany Bowen
Mike Golding
Rescuing your arch rival
Jo Berry and Patrick Magee
Brighton hotel bombing Recon- Rciliation at the extreme
Dean Richards
'The Bloodgate' rugby incident
Duncan Murrell
Photographing whales in a canoo
Kenneth Kamler
Disaster on Everest
Lewis Gordon Pugh
Swimming across north pole - Choosing your Team