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Ian Rowland

Writer and Entertainer

Illusion and cold reading,

Ian Rowland is a writer and entertainer, and the author of The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading. He regularly gives lectures where he debunks paranormal phenomena, and was featured in the 1996 Channel 4 documentary Break the Science Barrier with Richard Dawkins, where he showed various tricks, such as those he performs in his lectures as an illusionist.

Ian Rowland challenges us to think along new lines, in areas that we previously could not have thought possible. Leaders and organizations should find a way to stimulate people to think creatively and overcome the perceived “impossible”. The illusion we tell ourselves is that we know what is possible and impossible. Demonstrated through the art of magic and illusion, Ian Rowland contends that the illusions that we tell ourselves prevents us from imagining risk and self-limits our ability to mitigate and respond