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Duncan Murrell

Wildlife Photographer, artist & writer

Photographing whales in a canoo

Duncan Murrell is an award-winning wildlife photographer, artist and writer. He has always pursued a total immersion approach to photography, preferring to travel by sea kayak to reach the wildest and most inaccessible places, and camping out alone in the wilderness. 20 years of photographing humpback whales from his kayak in Alaska earned him the title 'the Whaleman'. His educational work and passionate desire to teach the next generations to learn from the mistakes made by his own are now the driving force for his photography. His latest passion is photographing whale sharks and he is helping to promote a new location for swimming with those magnificent creatures in the Philippines.

Situation awareness and intuition are essential to survival when dealing with high risk unpredictable circumstances. Knowing your strengths and limitations and being able to adapt are very important in all aspects of life.