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Dr Neil Bacon

Former Nephrologist

Power of patient feedback on the web

Neil Bacon A graduate of University of Nottingham, a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and a former nephrologist with clinical and academic positions in Oxford and Harvard, Dr Bacon specialises in delivering innovative internet-based solutions to improve healthcare worldwide and is the founder of His most recent venture is – the most open, direct way for the UK public and healthcare providers to increase the quality of service on offer. iWantGreatCare is also currently one of the largest providers of the Friends and Family Test across the NHS.

Dr. Neil Bacon described the importance of listening to patients and families to drive real-time change and to detect potential problems or trends related to quality and safety. Dr Bacon is founder of “I want great care” in the UK, (, and in September 2014, the one million patient reviewed their care on this site. It advantage of capturing real-time patient feedback and experience to drive expectations and an improve patient- and family-centric healthcare. The website is the “Trip Advisor” for healthcare, allowing for the honest and accurate capture of end-user experiences, which in-turn can drive changes in attitude and culture.