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Crisis Management talks

The videos on this page deal with all aspects of Crisis Management. The national press constantly refer to the crisis in healthcare in the UK. At Risky Business Events we look at all aspects of planning for crises and dealing with situations after a crisis has occurred. Perhaps one criticism that could justifiably be levelled at healthcare is that ideas and innovations are often not shared. Our speakers have generously allowed us to record their talks so as much sharing of ideas as possible can take place. We hope you find the talks inspiring and helpful.

Dr Mike Christian
Adapting to a fluid and fast-moving situation during a major disaster
Professor Jo Delahunty QC
Lessons to be learnt from large scale disasters like Hillsborough to intimate tragedies such as the death of an abused baby
Dr Claire Park
“In the line of fire” – applying lessons from combat situations to similar civilian crises
Dr Clare Gerada
Why are doctors so unhappy and Supporting Doctors in crises
Dr Richard Smith
Lessons for pre-hospital triage and “when to break protocol” during a major disaster
Amy Pope
Building coalitions and systems to proactively deal with crises
Assistant Commissioner Andy Roe
Lessons from Grenfell – when is it appropriate to break “SOPs”
Jeremy Bowen
Managing risk in war zones
Tim Galekop
Back to the future - Infection control
Jerry Brown
Fighting Ebola in Liberia
Andrew Blackie
Lessons from Shoreham - after the call comes in
Bill Hagan
747 Flight deck intrusion en route to Nairobi
Jake Moores
Managing emergencies on a nuclear sub
Geoff Bird
Drug errors are just as impactful as scalpels...
James Fraser
Lessons from Child Death Review Panels
Michael Harwood
The worldwide threats still facing us
William Lewinski
Situation Awareness under extreme stress like police shootings
Chris Brooks
Training helicopter pilots to survive ditching in the sea
David Evans
Flight QF32; Engine explosion on take-off on the Airbus A380
Helen Rycraft
Lessons from the Fukushima nuclear disaster?
Keith Williams
BA cabin strike - Resolving long-standing disputes
Ali Parsa
Can a NHS hospital be run by private company successfully?
Faz Peermohamed
The Titanic, Prestige, & Costa Concordia disasters
Jon Snow
Role of the media when things go wrong
Shawn Pruchnicki
The Lexington air disaster
Tom Henricks
The final briefing in the shuttle
Tom Henricks
The Columbia Shuttle Accident
Nick Coleman
BP Deepwater Horizon disaster - lessons
Ian Blair
London 7/7 Bombing and Stockwell shooting disaster - lessons
John Wick
UK Parliamentary Expenses scandal from Whistleblower
Geraint Vincent
The Haiti earthquake
Sidney Dekker
Just culture after serious incident
Julie Thao
Being charged for manslaughter for a drug error!
Joerg Leonhardt
Getting 'back in the saddle' in air traffic control
Paul Moore
Banking crisis - HBOS Whistleblower
Chris Allen
Piper Alpha - lessons learnt
Robert Calvert
Volcanic ash - Is it safe to fly through