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Conference Speakers Risky Business London 2019

Published: Wed 13 Mar 2019
How professionals deal with risk is one of the themes covered at our London Conference 2019, 6th & 7th June, Kings Place. Read the Risky Business Blog.

Our next conference on June 5,6,7 at Kings’ Place is now selling fast and has a truly topical flavour to it. Speakers include those at the scene from major news items in the recent past: Grenfell Towers, the Thai cave rescues as well as first responders from the terrible terrorist atrocities at Manchester and Westminster.

How Professionals Deal with Risk

The reason we chose these topics is not out of some morbid curiosity but because reflecting on the way highly trained professionals deal in such crises give a great indication into the effectiveness of training methods.

In similar vein, I was reflecting on the dozens of videos we have on our Risky Business website and their relevance to the major stories in this week’s newspapers:

Knife crime is sadly a major feature and we were indebted to Brooke Kinsella who discussed the tragedy that her family endured and Tariq Jahan reflected on his family trauma.

Learning from Inspiring Stories

The sad disappearance of the climber Tom Ballard on Nanga Parbat reminded me of some excellent talks by Kenneth Kamler, Kathryn Schulz and the amazing Jamie Andrew who continues to seek mountaineering challenges despite losing both hands and feet in a freak accident.

Risky Business Events Talks Video

Melanie Reid, the Sunday Times journalist who was paralysed by a riding accident has just produced her memoir and astonishingly has got back on a horse. It reminded me of similar stories of courage and determination from the likes of Hassan Khan, Ben McBean, Miles Hilton Barber and Anthony Bennett. Those talks are all available to view.

Author: Guy Hirst