London 2018

Winners, risk takers, the dark side of leadership, fake news & the next generation

7th & 8th June 2018

King's Place, York way, London

The Risky Business Conference is a leading international event with the aim of share learning across high risk industries, business, exploration, sport and healthcare on how best to manage risk, improvement, teamwork and leadership. It brings together over 450 global professionals, to network and share cross industry learning on day-to-day issues of safety & quality.

The 2018 London Conference (7th & 8th June) will be hosted in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital, MPS and BMJ. The themes this year will include: the good, the bad and the ugly side of leadership, fake news and fake evidence, risk takers , and understanding the next generation so that we can recruit and retain our best talented young people.

If you are interested in attending please book now as all previous London events have sold out. If interested in partnering and sponsoring this event, it is the perfect platform to launch a new product or service, stay ahead of competitors, conduct research, network and generate new leads. Please click here for conference sponsorship

The Big Picture, Disasters & Serious Incidents - Lessons and supporting colleagues thereafter

Lessons and ideas to support families and colleagues in the aftermath of disasters

Speaker Content
Prof Ian Goldin Director Oxford Martin Programme on technology, economic change, globalization and development – threats facing world and potential solutions.
Sir Terence Stephenson Clincal Chair GMC – individual vs system responsibility when things go wrong.
Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton Fire Brigade - situational awareness for leaders managing major incidents
Dr Anne Eyre Sociologist specializing in disaster management – supporting people effected by major traumatic event
Jon Snow Channel 4 News - What does Grenfell tell us.

Fake news and Fake evidence – Where’s the truth?

How to identify what is fake and what is real. What is ‘Evidence based practice’ in healthcare in 2018?

Speaker Content
Jeffrey Smele Specialist Lawyer in Defamation
Lord Bird founder of The Big Issue and other global street newspapers - Homelessness to The House of Lords - jeopardy
Chris Elliot Former Guardian Newspaper readers’ editor
Dr Aseem Mulhotra Cardiologist – Myths about lifestyle exercise and diet. Will also run a breakfast session on how to change your lifestyle – no going back

Extreme Risk takers – What makes them tick?

 “The biggest risk is not taking any risk”. Hear from those who embrace risk in sport, industry and healthcare.  Real life stories that have shaped research and innovation.

Speaker Content
Katie Walsh Most successful Female Jockey - Ridding the Grand National
Paul Mattin South Pole the hard way
Morwena Hall COO Argent – leading a major development site at Kings Cross
David Stow Arup – Making tall building and facades safe
Peter Lovatt the psychology of dance & what attracts the opposite sex. Giving up dance, all you know, to learn English and become Cambridge lecturer.
Hanif Quadir From Syria – active change foundation.
Prof Harold Thimbleby technology bugs, the next big killer in hospitals, risk of hacking and does our high tech equipment really do what it says on the tin.
Jeremy Bowen BBC Foreign Correspondent - Managing risk in war zones

Leadership – the good, the bad and the ugly

Are the people leading your organisation geniuses or narcissists and psychopaths? Hear from experts about organisations that think they can’t live without those “difficult, too important to lose” leaders who eventually bring the organisation to its knees.  Learn about the hidden behaviours and tell tale signs of psychopaths and narcissists from victims and experts in psychopathy. Could there be one in your workplace? Come and be tested if you are one.

Speaker Content
Benita Alexander NBC journalist - the downfall of a world famous surgeon
Professor Kevin Dutton Psychopathic behaviour, signs and qualities
Mark O’Brien MPS Cognitive Institute - Dealing with ‘Special Colleagues’ on an organizational level.
Neil Spenceley Intensivist – Playing nicely in the sandbox
Mark Soden Former England U20 Rugby Captain – dealing with narcissistic leaders in sport
Catherine MacDonald former hostage negotiator – Communicating with “Special Colleagues”

What qualities ensure consistency in outstanding leadership, teamwork and success?

Speaker Content
Millie Knight Winter Paralympics Silver Medalist – skiing blind down a slope at 70mph and crashing out.
Nico Rosberg F1 World Champion – Recorded message
Dr Clifford Mann National Clinical Advisor for Emergency Medicine – leading a national programme on A&E and the getting it right first time (GIRFT) campaign.
David Pearl Opera singing piano player – leadership and life like a song
Lord Norman Tebbit Politician - Former Cabinet Minister - Resilience, and great leaders of the House
Terry Jones Director General National Farmers Union
Mandy Hickson Former fast jet RAF pilot - 100 years of the RAF

Generation Y and The Millennials - Do we really understand their needs and achieving against adversity?

How to attract, nurture and retain the talent of the future. Understand why it is crucial to give the right opportunities to disadvantaged individuals who have to battle against the odds.

Speaker Content
Hannah MacCleod Olympic Gold Medal GB Hockey player – understanding the different generations in a winning team
Gillian Docherty CEO The Data Lab, Board of Tech Partnership Scotland – The world my daughter will live in.
Paul Flatters Chief Executive at Trajectory Partnership - Millenials, the new generation - what does the evidence tell us.
Hashi Mohamed From refugee to Barrister at 33


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