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Brooke Kinsella

British Actress

Restorative justice

Brooke Kinsella, MBE is a British actress, author and anti-knife crime campaigner. A graduate of the Anna Scher Theatre School, Kinsella has been acting since childhood. She has had various roles on television and in film. Her most notable role is that of Kelly Taylor, who featured in BBC’s long-running soap opera, EastEnders, between 2001 and 2004. She has her own drama school called True Stars Academy. Kinsella’s family made headlines in the British press in 2008 following the murder of her half-brother, Ben, who was stabbed to death in June 2008. Brooke set up a Trust in her brother’s name shortly after his death and it has become a high-profile and successful charity doing fantastic work around education and early intervention for knife crime awareness and positive life choices. Brooke is also a published author having written a book called ‘Why Ben?’

Brooke Kinsella told of the tragic story of the murder of her brother Ben and her journey exploring the role of restorative justice. Victims usually have no voice. The criminal focus is usually on the assailants rather than on those that have been hurt by the event. In her role as a victim ambassador, Brooke emphasizes that restorative justice is not about finding answers, but rather about allowing victims to ask questions and be heard.