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Bren Neale

Professor of Life Course and Family Research

The story of Dr John Hubley

Professor Bren Neale is Professor of Life Course and Family Research at Leeds University and directs the Young Lives and Times project, designed to 'walk alongside' a varied sample of young people over a decade as their lives unfold. In 2007 BrenÕs fiancŽe, Dr John Hubley, died following a series of problems during an operation at an Independent Sector Treatment Centre (ISTC) contracted by the NHS to carry out routine, low-risk procedures. She has called for a national inquiry into patient safety and care at these centres, as well as a review of their use and how they work with NHS hospitals.

Several links in the chain were responsible for the catalogue of failures that resulted in JohnÕs death. Honesty, transparency and acknowledgement that an error has occurred are extremely important to families in this situation. The prevailing assumption was one of safety rather than of risk which ultimately led to his death.