What We Do

And how we do it...

Risky Business events are different to anything else in the safety world. Through the sharing of ideas outside one's own sphere of expertise, we can understand risk, quality and safety from different perspectives.

We are conference content experts. Through our professional collaborations and partnerships, we have expertise and experience to design interactive, inspiring and unique patient safety and quality conferences world wide.

Through this website, we share information about Risky Business conferences being organized, and you will have access to summaries, links and video content of excellence in improvement and transformation at individual and organizational levels.

We can organise bespoke events for hospitals and other organisations as mini events within larger conferences. Contact us for more information

We aim to:

  • To think outside our "sphere of influence" and share new ideas about managing risk, culture, systems, and human performance from other high risk industries.
  • To understand why as humans we are vulnerable to make mistakes, and how to mitigate and recover from them.
  • To learn how to manage and add value from critical incidents.
  • To learn from defining moments in other high risk industries.
  • To share ideas about leadership and teamwork from the highest achievers in sport, business, politics, the arts, exploration, space and medicine.
  • To hear about the experiences of well know whistleblowers when all else failed.
  • To learn more about the importance of appropriate regulation, when, by who and by how much.
  • To understand the role of the law and the media when things have gone wrong.