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A Real Impact on Society

Published: Wed 19 Jun 2019
Risky Business’s purpose is having a real impact on society. Each visit to the conference shows just how much we still have to learn...

Risky Business’s purpose is having a real impact on society. Each visit to the conference shows just how much we still have to learn and how sharing both big wins and major fails can help to save lives and make care more effective in the future.

Third Visit

2019 was my third visit to RB London and each year seems to top the last. I was so impressed by 2017/18, that I brought my wife along this time and she was blown away by the first lunch break. Each speech seems to inspire more than the last. We thoroughly enjoyed the event. Thanks!

Range and Quality of Speakers

The range and quality of speakers in two fully packed days is commendable, but the real gem in this crown is the choice and mix of topics. From disaster support and terrorist attack aftercare to data-driven optimisation and ground breaking surgery success stories, you come out inspired, elated and quite frankly exhausted.

Heroes in our Hospitals

The medical sector leaves little margin for error and events like RB are vital, not only because improving healthcare saves lives at face value, but also because the heroes in our hospitals have a window to the World regarding their own mental health and stress management. Crisis management is per definition a deviation from normal circumstances, which can best be understood through experience, not text books. I think that’s one of RB’s key strengths.

Inspiration and Shared Learning

Some of my clients are in the medical sector, but the medical spin on RB is not my key reason to attend. I would recommend anyone to visit who is looking for inspiration and shared learning. In fact, I would highly recommend RB to anyone, regardless how medical their profession is.

Excellent Venue

The food and venue were once again excellent and I have seldom seen such a highly complex run of speakers so well moderated. I have no idea how you hold the time schedule so well? Charlie Stayt and Katie Derham are more than worthy of their “pro” titles, whilst the RB team impress with warmth, professionalism and openness. I also really welcomed the larger notebook handed out this year and filled well over half of it with notes and ideas, which will keep me busy for months.

It was great to also see a few familiar faces in the crowd too and to get a chance in the breaks to exchange thoughts, stories and contacts.

Author: Nick Stanforth, Progress Coach