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Masterclass: Learn from Former Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, Cathy MacDonald
LONDON - 24 September 2019

Grow your knowledge and understanding of good communication at our evening masterclass, led by former hostage and crisis negotiator Cathy MacDonald.
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"Risky Business is a superb conference, providing a unique opportunity to learn from the hard won experience of front line professionals working in high stakes industries around the world."
Dr Kevin Fong, University College London Hospital

our conference is aimed at

The complexity of healthcare demands exceptional skills in Leadership and Teamwork. It also requires that we can react to incredibly challenging situations at a moment’s notice. Our conference speakers have extraordinary stories to tell which address many of these issues.

This is a patient safety conference with a big difference. Exceptional speakers, from a wide array of high risk environments, share their stories of endeavour, safety, risk, human factors, systems and quality improvement.

Our motivational and world renown speakers tell their own stories of overcoming seemingly impossible odds. The lessons we can all draw from their experiences will help us manage risk and make our work environments safer, more efficient and happier places.

2019 london conference highlights

John Valanthan - part of the Thai Cave Rescue
Billy Monger and his horrific F4 racing accident
Lessons from Grenfell
Dr Christine Blanshard, Novichok Crisis
Dr Mike Christian - the London Bridge terrorist attack.
Dame Inga Beale, Former CEO of Lloyd’s of London

featured (previous) talks

There are over 100 talks on our website - This section includes a range of talks that show the incredible diversity of subjects covered at Risky Business conferences. It also includes talks that cover the most topical issues

Catherine MacDonald

A hostage and crisis negotiator with Police Scotland Cathy gives practical advise on dealing with ‘special’ colleagues

John Madden

A Cambridge graduate and film director who directed the Oscar winner, Shakespeare in Love in 1998. John explains how to make a successful movie

Anthony Bennett

A fit teenager suddenly finds himself on ECMO at Great Ormond Street. Meet Anthony

Jamie Andrew

How a quadruple amputee and mountaineer. “Nothing is impossible” with the right attitude

Kathryn Schulz

Freelance journalist and author makes the case for never assuming things will turn out right and argues that being wrong prepares us and leads to improved safety outcomes

John Barnes

England international footballer, John discusses the different ways that successful European clubs develop their squads

Prof Ian Goldin

Ian was a founding director of Oxford Martin School. He discusses the global threats facing us all in the 21st century

Rory Sutherland

Vice-chairman of Ogilvy and Mather Group, Rory tells us how to make consumers to change their habits

Pedro Algorta

A survivor of the famous 1972 Andes plane crash, Pedro assisted the families of the Chilean miners in 2010

Albie Sachs

Justice Sachs was a victim l of a state sponsored bomb. He explains how he met the man responsible for maiming him

Jerry Brown

2014 Time Magazine’s person of the year tells how he managed the Ebola outbreak in Monrovia

Alf Dunbar

His mantra is “You are the difference’ and in his talk he explains how he developed his unique training and coaching product

Gabby Logan Meets Lizzy Yarnold

Double Olympic champion in the skeleton bobsleigh, Lizzy tells Gabby how she mentally rehearses for her runs.

Interview: Charlie Start meets Katie Walsh

BBC journalist Charlie Stayt discusses the challenges involved becoming a champion jockey

Hashi Mohamed

Hashi arrived as a child refugee in the UK aged 9. Now at 35 he is one of the UK’s youngest and most successful barristers.

Elizabeth Stokoe

Professor of Social interaction at Loughborough University, Elizabeth tells us how to control a conversation to ensure success

Benita Alexander

Journalist and documentary maker explains how she was emotionally duped by a world renowned thoracic surgeon

Mark de Rond

Ethnographer and professor from Judge Business school, Cambridge discusses team dynamics and common misconceptions

latest news

We have been really honoured to have so many influential speakers attending all our conferences. We are now aiming to write blogs each week to assist website viewers to link our talks to current events both inside healthcare and more generally
A Real Impact on Society

A Real Impact on Society

Risky Business’s purpose is having a real impact on society. Each visit to the conference shows just how much we still have to learn...

Risky Business 2019 - A Student’s Perspective

Risky Business 2019 - A Student’s Perspective

As a medical student, an aspiring Anaesthetist and Pre-Hospitalist and a Human Factors enthusiast, when I was offered the chance to attend Risky Business 2019, I jumped at the opportunity.

What Our Speakers Learned at Risky Business London 2019

What Our Speakers Learned at Risky Business London 2019

Read what our acclaimed and popular speakers thought of their experience at our London conference.

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